Course Overview

This course has been designed as the primary introduction to Assertive Community Treatment for behavioral health professionals. This course is required for all professionals to complete prior to attending the ACT 101 seminars.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is included in the Michigan Medicaid Provider Manual (MPM) in Chapter 3, Section 4 in the Behavioral Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disability Supports and Services section. The MPM sets the minimum standards for ACT in Michigan and is required by contract with the Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHPs) and the Community Mental Health Programs (CMHs). ACT as described in the MPM is a critical factor for providing direction for ACT services in Michigan.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Credit Hours: MCBAP-R (0.0), MCBAP-S (1.0), Mi-CEC pending - under review, Nursing (0.0)

Topics Covered

Introducing Assertive Community Treatment

ACT 101 is a blended learning experience; registration is available through the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan. The online portion provides new learners with an overview of Assertive Community Treatment and related articles. The two-day live training provides significantly greater detail of the principles and practices of ACT through multimodal presentation and discussion.

Additional Considerations

ACT is the most intensive non inpatient behavioral health service.

Course Objectives

1. Review specific components of ACT in the Medicaid Provider Manual.

2. Identify ACT supports provided through the Medicaid Provider Manual, the Field Guide to ACT and the Michigan Fidelity Assistance Support Teams.

3. Describe similarities between rural community health care and ACT services.

3. Identify and describe coping strategies to deal with symptoms of mental illness. 

What People Are Saying

I enjoyed the level of engagement and the pace at which information was presented. I was able to gauge my understanding in real time through the exercises within the module.

- Todd. B.