What is Benefit-to-Work Training (B2W)?

The courses in the Benefit-to-Work Training section provide additional training to those behavioral health providers that work in disability services who can help their clients in regards to likely employment benefits. The courses in this section will help to explain the most up to date information about public benefits for your clients, but will not certify you as a Community Work Incentive Coordinator (CWIC). It is important to seek out a CWIC with any specific questions. They have received extensive training on public benefits and are able to address complicated situations.

This course is a mix of web-based courses and in-person seminars and is unavailable for direct enrollment. For this particular category, the content was developed by Molly Sullivan and Beth Keeton. Tracy Howard is the Statewide Trainer for these courses. You may reach out to her with any questions you may have. Please find the important resources for this course listed below.

1 Course in Benefit-to-Work (B2W)

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