What is Self-Determination in Long-Term Care (SLC)?

The courses available in this category have been created and provided by the Virtual Center of Excellent, a project of Detroit Wayne Community Mental Health Authority. These courses provide an in-depth explanation of the principles of Self-Determination in long term care and setting up those clients and direct care workers for success.

Self-Determination in Long Term Care Basics explores the option for MI Choice waiver participants to choose, hire, and supervise their direct support staff and to manage a budget for their supports and services.

Self-Determination in Long Term Care, Part II continues the discussion begun in the Basics course and teaches how Person-Centered Planning can be useful in helping people explore their options in leading self-determined lives. This would be appropriate for NBCC, QIDP.

Foundations of Self-Determination examines the principles and tenets of Self-Determination. This course demonstrates the ability of all persons to live a life as independent as possible and to achieve their personal goals and dreams.

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Self-Determination in Long-Term Care (SLC) specific resources can be found below. 

DCLS Making Self-Determination Work with Annette Downey, LBSW

Direct Care Learning series Making Self-Determination Work with Annette Downey, LBSW