I cannot load a module. I click on the link to launch it, but I get a blank screen. How can I view my course modules?

There are three possible reasons for course content being unable to load.

  1. You are using an older version of Internet Explorer no longer supported by Microsoft, which is incompatible with modern web programming. We recommend you update your browser to one of the following:
  2. You are using a modern browser, but do not have a current version of Flash installed, which is required for some modules. Flash can be manually installed here:
  3. You work for an agency whose IT department does not allow the installation of Flash and/or access to YouTube. If this is the case, your supervisor will have to explain to your IT department that this site requires access to Flash and YouTube.com to function, and many certificates and CEUs simply cannot be granted without this access.

If you are sure that your computer meets the above requirements but are still having trouble, feel free to use the support chat system.